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The below contains information regarding our 2010 tour. We run a tour similar to this one an average of once per year. We also do custom tours for groups.

European Highlights Tour


The 2010 European Highlights tour includes the Oberammergau Passion Play, sites of Anabaptist history, the stunning natural beauty of the Alps, a concentration camp from WWII, castles and palaces, the perfectly perserved medieval town of Rothenberg, cathedrals, and the beautiful little canal town of Giethoorn--among many other sights.

Marvin Mast and Golden Rule Travel have done over thirty European Tours since 1980. The hotels are hand-selected and we've had the same coach driver for years.

We are pleased to again have Lewis Overholt as our tour guide this year. Lewis served in Germany for over 40 years as a pastor, mission church planter, and evangelist. He was serving in Berlin during the building of the Berlin Wall in 1961. His interests include cross cultural communication: he speaks German fluently. He is well versed in Anabaptist History, as well as European culture, practice, and history. He has led many tours throughout the past 40 years and traveled extensively in Western Europe. He and his wife Mary have retired in Georgia but have children and grandchildren in Berlin, Germany.

Oberammergau Passion Play

Since 1634 the village of Oberammergau has portrayed Christ’s life every decade. It was first performed following a vow taken by the people of Oberammergau during an outbreak of bubonic plague. In nearby Munich alone, almost 15,000 people died. The frightened population of Oberammergau prayed, vowing that the entire village would portray Christ’s life and suffering every 10 years if God would spare them. The town was spared, and a tradition was born. The play is now performed at the beginning of each decade. The production is done in German but an English translation is available.

Though the cast is huge—1,700 parts—performers must be natives of Oberammergau, or have lived in the town for at least 10 years or be married to a native. Performers consider it an honor to participate and many leave their businesses to do so. Men start growing beards a year prior to look authentic. The play is performed in an open air amphitheater which incorporates the natural setting into a backdrop and provides seating for 4,780 visitors.


For full details, you can download a 10 page Adobe PDF brochure with pictures:
High quality (12 MB, 300 dpi)
Low quality (2 MB, 72 dpi)


To take an in-depth look at the tour, you can order a 58-page hardcover photobook of the 2008 tour that includes diaries written by tour members and hundreds of beautiful, color photographs. We require a $30 deposit for us to send you one. You can either keep it for $30 or return it for a full refund. Email Marvin to order one.


If you have any questions email or call Marvin Mast at (620) 567-2025.

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