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We have specialists at Golden Rule Travel who understand adoption travel. They have essential knowledge of the country to which you are traveling. They have special agreements with a number of airlines which offer favorable terms and conditions at great fares. As all adoptive parents know, the ability to change dates of travel without penalty is priceless when adopting. Perhaps most importantly, they understand how the road to finally bringing home the precious children is fraught with changes, dashed hopes and mixed emotions. Let Golden Rule Travel remove at least one of the uncertainties and stresses of adoption travel and rest assured that they will find the best possible option when the time comes to bring the new family member home.

Our agents are motivated by the Christian principles of "going the second mile" and "doing unto others as we would have them do to us." Our honesty, value, and customer service is recognized by adoptive parents and adoption agencies the world over. Their referrals are our advertising.

Specializing in adoption travel arrangements



Please excuse my informality, but I did want to thank you again and with great sincerity for all you did to help my son, his wife and his two adopted Ukrainian babies. Let's hope more of your requests don't have as many ups and downs as I gave you!

British Air did manage to get them from Warsaw to Boston the 22nd--temporarily "lost" their luggage for a day. The five days of travel and activities from [undecipherable] were hard on the boys, but they've already proved they're made of strong bodies! Now they can start their lives as Americans.

It was indeed a pleasure to work with you.
With regards,
[name withheld]

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The following are some of the testimonials we found by doing a simple Google search:

Some posts from the Families for Russian and Ukranian Adoption message board:
We had to pay an airline fee for changing tickets when we used Golden Rule in 2003 but they were upfront about it and still came out cheaper than anything else we could find. They were super patient with me also and much more helpful than anyone else. Another good thing is they can hold reservations for a few days at least without booking so gave me a chance to confirm things before paying. They get humanitarian rates which is why they are so much lower than others. They also go the extra mile. When the fedex guy showed up (and left) when I could not get to the door quick enough they called fedex and got his supervisor to send him back immediately. I definitely recommend them.

Here is a vote for Golden Rule Travel. We called them along with a few other travel agents, and looked for ourselves online. They were quick, helpful, and worked with our alternatives till we found what we wanted... They found us a much better deal than I could find myself online (at least with this short of notice and timing), and they are fully changable, so no comparison to what I was finding online with non-changable tickets!

In 2003 we got good price airline tickets in August with less than 2 weeks notice through Eldo Miller at Golden Rule Travel in their Kansas office. I believe [Golden Rule got us a rate of] around $1,200-1,500 [round trip] as opposed to everyone else at over $2-3,000. He was extremely helpful and found us flights into [St. Petersburg] on Lufthansa and BA home from Moscow. Our son's ticket was less than $500.

We used Eldo Miller of Golden Rule Travel for our second trip in August 2003 when no one else could get us anything.

We used Golden Rule Travel and were treated well. They obtained a "Humanitarian Fare" that was incredibly low - far lower than we found online.

I would call them again next time (and here's hopin' there'll be a next time!).

Now that you've heard what people are voluntarily saying about us, let us give you a free fare quote!

KazakhAdoptiveFamilies.com says:

Eldo Miller (Kansas office) is the agent mentioned. He gets high praise from adoptive parents

The following is an excerpt from HomeschoolBlogger.com on a blog called "Happenings at the Lazy D Ranch". The author is posting about their adopting experience:

The Saga Continues
Posted in Adoption

I was just on the phone with Eric again. It was our second time to talk to each other today. The first time was a bit hazy in my mind since I was barely awake. He called to let me know that the passport did not come in this morning so I needed to call the travel agent to see about changing his flight again. Sharon, at Golden Rule Travel, has been wonderful. She found a Friday flight for Eric and the kids. Now, I am sure by now that you also have your doubts as to whether or not Friday truly will be the day. I have my doubts too. But, after our recent phone conversation, I am feeling much more confidant. [emphasis added]

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