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Canceled flights? Golden Rule to the rescue

With canceled flights, I called the emergency number while in Kenya, and an agent promptly helped me get rebooked the same night and texted me throughout the process. He emailed me the tickets and made sure I had everything I needed. From booking to unexpected changes, Golden Rule Travel is the best!

Amy June 15, 2024

Good job

Hellen was very pleasant, patient and kind in her assistance in explaining to me the available plans. She has a good personality and I appreciate her customer service. The process did not take a long time to complete.

Aga June 10, 2024

Flexible flight change

Our agent alerted us to a flight change and provided us with outstanding service and options moving forward. Very efficient and helpful.


Quick, helpful service by a good friend!

Val Yoder June 4, 2024

Hans with Golden rule travel was a God send! We needed tickets for funeral travel on short notice. He provided tickets and superb service at a fraction of the price ! Thanks so much!

Orlin Ensz May 31, 2024

Helped us with travel interruption

We were traveling as a large group and had a travel interruption that the airline did not have enough personnel to handle. We would have never gotten to our destination in a timely manner if it had not been for the strong efforts of Golden Rule Travel. We are so grateful for the help and kindness afforded when we needed it and that Golden Rule Travel made it possible to get where we needed to be to serve on our medical outreach trip. Thank you!

Team Leader May 30, 2024

Golden rule has been absolutely amazing, helping with original flight plans as well as delays and rescheduling. They fixed it when the airline wouldn’t!

Mallori Finney May 27, 2024

Golden Rule Travel agents are quick

Golden Rule Travel agents are quick, and professional and available to help 24/7. So grateful for the help they have given me in many occassions. They have the best rates and service is great.

Ray Johnson May 24, 2024

Excelente atención

Excelente atención. La recomiendo ampliamente. Me gusta mucho

Had a cancelled flight

Had a cancelled flight - Hans handled the rebooking with ease… very comforting while in a foreign land!

Jeremy May 13, 2024

Eso deben aprovechar a las personas que…

Eso deben aprovechar a las personas que tienen la oportunidad de viajar mi sueño de poder viajar con fe que lo voy hacer

Ingrid Ayerbe May 12, 2024

Super bueno.

Super bueno.

Canceled flight? No problem.

One of my flights was canceled at the last minute. I called the after-hours emergency number and had a confirmed revised itineray within a few minutes. Not only that, but I also received a small refund because the seats on the new itinerary were slightly less expensive than the seats on the original itinerary! This is why I use a travel agent. They go to bat for you when unexpected events happen.

Robert Carter April 27, 2024

I had a great experience with emergency travel help when stuck on an international trip. Hans was very helpful. I would highly recommend Golden Rule Travel!

Steve Hoyt April 24, 2024

Hans is the best!!!!

Hans is the best!!!!

Rick Taylor April 24, 2024

We are very pleased with Golden Rule Travel. We used them for our daughter’s trip to Thailand. They helped make the trip easier by taking care of the little details. On her return trip she had a canceled flight and she was unsure of how to proceed. I contacted Golden Rule in the wee hours of the morning on their emergency line and they very promptly got her on the next flight! Very thankful for their services.

Lori Roach April 22, 2024

Golden Rule, efficiency and effectiveness in emergency response

The way Golden Rule (Hans in particular) responded well and quickly to our call and rerouted us so we can arrive on time for our conference. We felt at easy and relaxed as soon as we connected with him, and all the necessary itinerary revisions were done as soon as possible.

Satisfied Customer April 22, 2024

Great Tavel Agency with great agents

Great Tavel Agency with great agents! I work often with Just Yoder and I appreciate all his details and work above and beyond he does for us.

Victor Popa April 16, 2024

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The following testimonials were sent to us by satisfied customers, a small selection of the many responses we’ve received. They consist of handwritten letters, corporate letters, emails, cards, and notes with gifts of appreciation.

We appreciate all the efforts you put into making travel arrangements for us! It’s nice to have someone take care of this who understands and takes an interest in our mission. God bless you!

Golden Rule Client

Missionary to El Salvador

We just wanted to let you know how grateful we are for Golden Rule and Jeremy Yoder in particular. He is an asset to your company. We will always book through Golden Rule, and encourage our friends and family to do the same.

Golden Rule Client

Grateful Customer

I wanted to let you know that I received the refund on my credit card bill this week from my canceled trip to Nepal. This would not have been possible without you[r] persistence and faithfulness to serve me, your customer. Thank you for all you did to help me be a good steward of the Lord’s resources.

Golden Rule Client

Traveler to Nepal

You have been a model of extraordinary customer service. I have been quite vocal to all and sundry in recommending your office. Please convey our gratitude to the rest of the staff at the office.

Golden Rule Client

Thankful Customer

Great Linda! I am so glad things worked out! I appreciate your hard work and honesty.

Thank you again for your prompt attention to my request. You made this so easy!! and I truly appreciate your assistance. Have a wonderful day!

Golden Rule Client

Missionary to El Salvador

I am so very thankful for Golden Rule Travel! Recently, on a missions trip to Liberia, we were booked to return on Brussels Airlines through Brussels Belgium. Due to terrorist bombing at Brussels Airport our flight was cancelled. I called the Golden Rule emergency hotline and within 20-30 minutes had new flights booked. While other travelers were paying up to $4000 for one-way tickets to US, we payed only $1100. HUGE THANKS to Davy Mast and Golden Rule for their prompt and professional attention to our situation. I have used Golden Rule for many trips and will use ONLY Golden Rule in the future.

Golden Rule Client


Thank you for your persistence in finding us low-cost tickets to Mongolia. More of our money can go towards the Lord’s work because of you.

Golden Rule Client

Missionary to Mongolia

Please excuse my informality, but I did want to thank you again and with great sincerity for all you did to help my son, his wife and his two adopted Ukrainian babies… It was indeed a pleasure to work with you.

Golden Rule Client

Happy Grandma

Wanted to let you know that the issues with Rashel’s ticket have been completely resolved by Ronald Miller, an agent in Golden Rule’s Kansas office. He was absolutely wonderful to work with and graciously gave part of his Saturday evening to help us. His true sacrificial servant’s spirit was a beautiful testimony of Christ’s love; and we could not have hoped for more responsible or caring service. We really appreciate your organization and the work you are doing, and thank you so much for your patience with all of my calls and emails yesterday.

Golden Rule Client

Grateful Customer

Neither my wife or I could say anything more other than, Jeremy Yoder turned out to be the greatest help and consultant in the building of such a wonderful vacation. His professionalism, courtesy and ‘can do, will do’ attitude towards fulfilling our expectations was simply perfect. We are so very grateful that we were referred to him for the consult.

Golden Rule Client

Grateful Traveler

After much debate about whether or not to use a travel agency to book our trip for our adoption, we decided to go with Golden Rule. I’m so glad that we did. We were flying out of the DC area right before the blizzard was due to hit in January 2016. Our flight for the day was cancelled but [Marvin] was able to get us tickets to fly a day earlier and therefore still make it in time for our appointment. [Unfortunately] we had to make an emergency landing in Boston. The airline was not helpful at all in rebooking us so we called [Marvin] at 3am – he was chipper and more than willing to help us. He managed to rebook us for the first flight out of Boston the next morning when most of the people on our flight weren’t able to find a flight until the next evening. We were the last flight out before they closed the airport and made our scheduled appointment and met our daughter for the first time!!! I can’t say enough good things about them (especially [Marvin]) as he was able to help us in our middle of the night/early morning emergency!!

Golden Rule Client


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