The road to adoption is fraught with changes, hurdles and mixed emotions. Our experienced team knows how difficult this time is and how quickly plans can change. We specialize in adoption travel and have years of relationships in the industry that make a difference and we know to EXPECT last minute changes. We also know that adoption is an expensive undertaking and we use all of our industry knowledge to make sure you receive the best terms, fares and travel schedules.

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I’m wanting to thank you for the many hours you put into checking out prices & making arrangements for Rosemary & the others going to VA. I know that while you willingly did it, it also wasn’t your first choice to be working on a holiday. God bless you!

Daniel Shrock


At Golden Rule Travel, we specialize in international adoptionhumanitarian, and missionary travel. Our aim is to give you the least expensive, most hassle-free travel possible. We know if we can help make your journey a pleasant and safe one, we’ll have treated you as we would like to be treated.

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