Group Airline Tickets

Planning group flights is hard.

We can’t do it all for you, but we can take care of one particularly complicated and risky part: airfare.

We’ve helped thousands of groups find the best flights.

Focus on leading your group, and let us expertly handle the tickets.

3rd year traveling in group of 25+ from dfw through Africa... Power went out in African airport... They wouldn't print tickets from Dubai back home... Called my golden rule emergency number, they answered at 4:30am and took care of everything instantly, checked us in the whole way home. We will keep using golden rule forever.

Courtney Acuña January 12, 2016

We offer some standout benefits:

  • 24/7 emergency customer service – When flights falter, lines stretch endlessly, or airlines prioritize profit over you, an expert on your side is priceless.
  • Reserve more than 7-9 at a time – Online bookings limit you to 7-9 seats at varying prices. Thanks to airline pricing dynamics, buying in batches can get pricier. We secure all seats simultaneously, ensuring a consistent average price before ticket purchases.
  • Organizational skills – We provide tailored Google Sheets to seamlessly organize your group. Send us passport photos to prevent costly typos.
  • (non-profits only) Refundable fares – We offer exclusive international fares for non-profits (including church groups) with minimal refund fees ($100-200/person). These fares are often more affordable than online rates, providing unmatched flexibility for unexpected changes.
  • (non-profits only) Extra free baggage – For non-profit organizations, our humanitarian fares let you support long-term worker by allowing up to three free checked bags per person to carry vital supplies.

For group bookings (10+ people), we offer two primary options tailored to your needs:

  • If you have 70-90% of traveler names, we suggest individual tickets. We streamline this process, especially for markets covered by our international humanitarian deals.
  • Unsure of traveler names? Opt for a group contract. Place a deposit for each seat, and provide names 45 days before departure. While generally costlier and less flexible in destinations, it’s the go-to for uncertain rosters.

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