Church Group Travel

Planning group travel for your church is hard.

We can’t do it all for you, but we take care of one complicated and risky part: airfare.

We’ve assisted thousands of pastors in finding the best flights for their church mission trips.

You, as the leader, shepherd your congregation and we’ll take care of securing flight tickets.

We will never use any other travel agency! We book a lot of tickets for groups that are going all over the world. They have amazing, professional agents, who work hard to get you the best price and the best connections but even beyond that they are there for you in emergencies! We’ve tested them! They prove to be true partners for us!

The Summit Church March 17, 2024

We offer a few unique benefits vs. the alternatives:

24/7 emergency customer service – when flights are delayed or cancelled, when you’re denied boarding because of not having the right documentation, when the lines are hundreds of people long, when you’re not getting the help you need… that’s when having an expert who is on your side is invaluable.

Refundable fares – We have private, international fares exclusively for non-profit organizations (including all churches) that allow inexpensive refunds ($100-200/person penalty). This allows incredible flexibility when plans change. (Depends on destination and airline.)

Extra free baggage – If you’re going on a mission trip, it can be a huge boon for the long-term missionaries if you can bring extra supplies in your checked bags. Our private, humanitarian fares offer this perk of up to three free checked bags per person, depending on the destination and airline.

Christian travel agents – We’re church-going folks and are on the same page with you and your group missions. Our name is drawn from Jesus articulating the Golden Rule in Matthew 7:12 and our motto is “We go the second mile!” from Jesus’ words in Matthew 5:41.

Reserve more than 7-9 at a time – When you book online, the most you can buy at a time is 7-9 seats, depending on the site. The way airline pricing and inventory works is once you buy those, depending on the plane size, there’s a high likelihood the next batch of seats will be more expensive. We hold all the seats at once and figure out your average price before you start needing to purchase tickets.

Organizational skills – We offer custom-made Google Sheets spreadsheets to keep all your Christian travel groups organized. We also offer that you can send us photos of everyone’s passports and have no worries about typos. In our experience, expensive typos (or using nicknames instead of legal names) are very common in church groups.

When you come to us for a group quote (10+ people), we can offer two basic options depending upon your planning workflow:

  • Individual Tickets: If you already know 70-90% of the names of the folks who will be traveling, we may recommend you purchase individual tickets (though we make this a very smooth, group-like process) if it’s a market served by our international humanitarian deals.
  • Group Contracts: If you don’t know who will be traveling, then signing a group contract with a deposit for every seat reserved without specifying names until 45 days before departure will likely be your best bet. This is generally a bit more expensive and not as versatile as far as destinations and routing, but for certain scenarios it’s a very nice option.

So go ahead and contact us with your request and one our group specialists will reach out and start planning the airfare portion of your trip!

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What are church mission trips?

Youth group mission trips and church travel groups offer a meaningful blend of service and spiritual growth, allowing participants to experience different cultures while making positive contributions to communities. These trips, often organized by churches and Christian organizations, are not just about service but also about fostering personal growth, teamwork, and a deeper understanding of one’s faith. Group mission trips, including those by Christian travel groups, bring together individuals from various backgrounds to engage in activities like building homes, teaching, and providing aid, all within the context of their faith.

Church mission trips and church group travel are transformative experiences that strengthen bonds within congregations and broaden worldviews. These trips combine service, fellowship, and worship, providing a holistic approach to faith-based travel. Participants are encouraged to live out their beliefs in practical ways, making a tangible difference in the communities they serve while deepening their own spiritual understanding.

Christian missionary groups are at the forefront of international aid and cultural exchange. Rooted in the principle of living faith through action, these groups often serve in remote or underserved areas, exemplifying dedication and commitment to service. Group mission trips represent the essence of community and shared purpose, enabling individuals to contribute meaningfully to the world while undergoing personal transformation, gaining new perspectives, and returning home with a renewed sense of purpose.

What are popular destinations and types of tours for church group trips?

Popular destinations for church group trips include historical Christian sites from the Bible like Israel, Jordan, Rome, or Greece. Tours often focus on visiting the Holy Lands, historical sites significant to the Christian faith, and attending religious conferences or conventions. Tour packages are tailored to follow the Missionary Journeys of Paul or follow in the footsteps of Jesus.

Specialized guides provide church members with insight into the gospel as they explore Biblical sites. Your tour guide knows the details that make faith travel a rewarding experience.

Additionally, ministry trips to developing countries for service work and community building are quite popular.

How can I find nearby Christian travel groups or church group tours?

To find nearby Christian travel groups or church group tours, start by contacting your local church or denomination. Online forums, social media platforms, and reputable Christian travel companies like Golden Rule Travel are also good resources.

Are there specialized travel options for different demographics within Christian groups?

Yes, there are specialized travel options for different demographics within Christian groups. Older or single Christians can find trips and tours designed specifically for them, focusing on comfortable, supportive environments. For young adults, there are youth-focused mission trips, religious retreats, and conferences that emphasize spiritual development and community building.

What should be considered when planning a church travel group?

When planning a church group trip, consider the trip’s purpose, the interests and needs of group members, budget, destination, travel dates, transportation, accommodations, and group size. Collaborating with a trusted Christian travel organization can help design a customized itinerary that fits your group’s goals.

What is the purpose of group mission trips?

Missionary groups serve to engage in service projects like building projects, medical clinics, or educational programs in underprivileged communities. Mission groups offer opportunities for spiritual growth, personal transformation, and fostering community and fellowship among group members. These trips can range from local outreach to international service projects.